Quality Objective

Quality Objective

Live Software Solution continuously strives to achieve best in class solutions which adhere to our quality objectives.Our Mission is to establish Live Software Solution as a major player in the global IT business and to produce world class services in the field of Information Technology; with the whole customer satisfaction. Our mission is to manifest our clients’ concepts into dynamic functional business realities. We harness the latest internet technologies to maximize investment return. Because of our strict dedication to quality and service, we are of the mindset that we have only succeeded in our mission when we witness our client’s have achieved improved success.

Goal Characteristics

The goals and objectives a company defines under a quality management system have to be clear, achievable and measurable. A clear goal is one that addresses a specific objective from the company's strategic plan. It includes details of what employees have to do to achieve it. To let employees determine when the company has reached its goal, the goal has measurable characteristics that indicate how much progress is required and when the company has fulfilled its objectives.


One of the key goals of any quality management system is to improve quality. Quality in such a system has three components. High quality means high accuracy, compliance with applicable standards, and high customer satisfaction. The objective of the system is to measure each component and achieve improvements. Product testing can measure accuracy and compliance with standards while functional testing can show whether the products meet customer expectations. Test scores yield information about problems and indicate areas where there is room for improvement.

Knowing that perfection is impossible, you must have some acceptable tolerance defined and measured.


  • % of on time deliveries
  • % of internal scrap
  • % defects
  • Say your company goal/mission is to produce the best widget in the world
  • Your Quality Policy may state they will be 99% defect free (among other things)
  • The Quality Objectives put metrics on that, typically in terms of the product or service. What do you consider a defect? (package is broken, product fails, etc.)

When you are working on document control, make sure that you include your quality policy and quality objectives. They must be controlled. Control them by:

  • Making them part of a procedure
  • Making them part of the quality manual
  • Making them their own numbered, controlled document
  • You may want to handle the quality policy and quality objectives separately because the quality objectives might change more frequently than the quality policy.

    This may mean you do not want the objectives in the quality manual.

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