Business Model

Our Business Model

LSS Private Limited believes profitable growth should also be responsible growth. That approach lies at the heart of our business model, driven by sustainable live. It guides our approach to how we do business and how we meet the growing consumer demand for brands that act responsibly in a world of finite resources.

Our business model begins with consumer insight that informs brand innovation, often with partners in our supply chain, to create products we take to market supported by marketing and advertising across a range of distribution channels. 

To meet our customers’ needs we: manufacture high quality products; advise customers on the most effective application of these products; design bespoke engineering packages; arrange installation of our engineered solutions; and help our end users ?to maintain and replace our installed equipment to ensure optimum efficiency in their industrial systems.?

Our passion to understand market trends and our culture of innovation enable us to focus on customer needs.

Customers are at the heart of our business – they come first. Our business model revolves around the partnerships we have with our customers and doing our utmost, at every step along the value chain, to create innovative flavour and fragrance solutions that surpass their expectations and help build their brands.

To help them win in their marketplace we leverage our consumer insights, innovation expertise and the creativity of our teams to create tastes and scents that inspire emotion. Our innovative sourcing strategies ensure that we have the right raw materials to meet the needs of our customers and that orders are delivered on time by our highly efficient supply chain.


Creating value through meeting customer needs

We have built a resilient business model that has enabled the business to prosper, despite the challenging global economic environment over the past few years, and that positions us well to deliver continued good organic revenue growth.

We benefit from the diversity of our end-user markets and customers, broad product range, our wide geographic spread, high replacement content in our revenue streams and a large base of installed equipment around the world that requires continual upkeep and improvement.

We employ a technical, direct sales approach that allows us to better understand our customers’ needs and to implement appropriate engineered solutions.

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