Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development

We provide custom websites, specially designed for you. We love to work for Brands looking to deliver a one-of-kind user experience.Our web designers use a variety of website design software to create custom web site designs that are aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. 

Live Software Solution uses a Web Development approach to build its web solutions.  All systems are built on the  Live Software Solution foundation, which provides you with a rich set of tools and services before work on your site has even begun.  It also means that your dynamic web site can be up and running in less than a day, with powerful CMS features, plug-ins, and database applications already running.  For many websites, no further development is needed.

Some organizations have specialized needs, and generic services may not fit the bill.  In this case, custom web development becomes necessary.  With Live Software Solution, custom web application development begins from the already-working baseline that all websites start with.  That means you only pay for the features that are unique to your system.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel and pay your web developers for unnecessary work.

Modular Development

Live Software Solution has many working plug-in modules that may already be close to what you require, such as:

  • Blogs, forums, and e-zines
  • Surveys and registration forms
  • Member management 
  • Newsletter and email communication modules
  • Event calendars and advanced registration systems
  • Photo galleries and photo sharing tools
  • Product catalogues and shopping carts
  • Web directories and resource libraries

In these cases, your customizations may only involve changes to these existing systems that are already debugged and tested in real-world use.

User-Friendly Development Process

Because it is possible to have a prototype website up so quickly, that means you are involved with the development of your website from the very beginning.  You can see the results instantly, and view the progress of your site's development in real time, 24/7.  You stay in touch with the development of the site, avoiding situations where your team is working unseen and unrelieved for months at a time.
Also, because Live Software Solution tools are designed to give control to the website owner, you can be involved directly with the production of your site, helping to sculpt the site pages, content, and your organization's data, to ensure that the product works as you require it to.

Development Environment

Live Software Solution are built on the LAMP architecture, the most common and economical web-serving environment available.  Your sites employ the following robust, industry-standard technologies:

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL databaser
  • PHP programming environment
  • CMS (Magento , Joomla, Wordpress )
  • Mobile Apps (Android , iOS)

All of these tools have open licensing, meaning you own your system from top to bottom, with no restrictions on how you can deploy it in the future.

  • No annual licensing fees
  • No royalties or restrictions on resale
  • No restrictions on where you host

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